Monday 22 April 2024

Wo Ladki

Mili thi mujhe 

Wo Ladki 

Jaane se jiske

Dard hua..

We met some

where Online

Talking with Whom

I felt fine..

Humne ki

Baatein kuch Raat

Dil mein uthe

kuch Jazbaat

Maybe She

also felt alike

It was like

We got some Vibes

Har baar jab

Usne milne ko kaha

Dil mein aisa Toofan

na jaaye Saha..

I am NOT good-looking

and She's so Cute

how will She judge

me in Temple route..

Phir ek din 

aisa aaya

jab milne hamara

Waqt aaya

Found Her to be

so Excited

going through her message

on metro passage

She came out

of that Station

Looking at me

in Confusion..

May be She

was not Happy

finding Me

so Dark & Dirty

Khuda se hai mujhe

bas yehi ek  shikwa

Diya kyu mujhe

Bad rang Chehra

Jiske saath

Na chahe koi rehna

We together walked across

With our minds in some thoughts

She looks good

even in Specs

I look Bad

even in a new dress

Dukhi tha Dil

isliye mera

Na-Qabil hai

uske liye jo mera Chehra

why so Dark is my Color

that takes me away

from my every wanna be lover.

Stories End

Before even start

Zindagi se kab khatam hogi

mere ye Raat..

Aisa kyu hai sirf sath hona

Kisi ko paaye bina he Khona

Abhi to mile the

Abhi duur jaaye

Abhi to Dil ka Phool khila tha

Abhi murh jhaye

Rok liya ab mai ne Rona

Naseeb hai mera 

Pyar milne se pehle

he khona..

Qabil Nhiii

mai uske liye

Qabil Nhi

mai pyar k liye

Mili thi mujhee

wo ek Ladkiii

Jaane se jiske

Dard hua

aane se jiske

Dard hua

Har baar mere

he saath kyu hua!!

Har baar mere

he saath kyu hua..

Friday 18 March 2022

Lost !

I am lost

in between

that jungle

where roads

are missing

among bushes...

I'm not sure

the direction

I must go..

Day of life

passing with pace

if Sun the life

has really some

chariot of horses..

& dnt know

when all of a sudden

darkness of night

would approach

making thou feel

have to wait

for another


for another


till then

there would

be uncertainty

of night

of between

dusk & dawn


of non-existence

of between

death & re-birth..


of planet

of between

universe & the parallel..

I the virus

thou the virus

we all are

the viruses

I believe..

existing in

uncertainty of

living & non-living..

we fall in

superficial love

live in superficial


desire superficial things..

living in

uncertainty between

dreams & dreams

but, beyond this

we do lose

ourselves ..

our nature

our real self..


thoughts & feel

so, I am lost

in between 

that jungle..

I am lost!

lost till 

I'm lost!

will ever

I be lost?

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Two Best Solutions of Kashmir Issue

1) Simple Solution: (which Pakistan may NOT accept)

i) Currently, nearly Half Kashmir is in India. Another half Kashmir is in Pakistan. So, let's make this current boundary as International Boundary forever.

ii) Whosoever feel NOT happy in Indian Kashmir can MIGRATE to Pakistani Kashmir. Also, the vice versa, i.e.,  whosoever feel NOT happy in Pakistani Kashmir can MIGRATE to Indian Kashmir.

iii) All Kashmiri Protesters  in Indian Kashmir must be Deported to Pakistani Kashmir and Pakistani Government must take responsibility of their Rehabilitation in Pakistani Kashmir.

iv) All Protesters in Pakistani Kashmir must be Deported to Indian Kashmir and Indian government must take responsibility ready of their rehabilitation in Indian Kashmir.

2) Complex (but could be the BEST Solution) :

India and Pakistan governments must Sign the following 15 points Treaty along with a BIG Condition. 

India will handover Kashmir (NOT Jammu and Ladakh) to Pakistan, If and only if Pakistan takes all Indian Muslims to Pakistan, rehabilitates them there. Similarly, India will takes all Pakistani Hindus/Sikhs.

Peaceful Exchange of population on the basis of religion must be done in duration of 10 years, prior to Transfer of Power of Indian Kashmir to Pakistan.

Anybody who is NOT ready to get exchanged in the other country, can stay in the same country on Permanent Visa without any Voting Rights & without government job.

(like NRI people stay in Dubai , Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries)

Reason: Suppose today India handovers Kashmir, and tomorrow West Bengal becomes Muslim Majority province, henceforth Majority of Bengali Muslims make demand of West Bengal to be included Pakistan!!!

(citing 1947 agreement - Muslim majority provinces to be in Pakistan). & then Pakistan comes in their support as well (like it doing in Kashmir's case), then!!!!!!!!!!

So, to have Permanent Peace between India and Pakistan, & for mutual progress, Exchange of Population based on Religion must be done.

As per Treaty, the following procedure will be followed:

i) First of all, Indian Muslims are asked to settle in Pakistan within Period of 10 years & all Pakistani Hindus/Sikh are asked to settle in India within a Period of 10 years.

ii) Whole process MUST take place PEACEFULLY in planned way  in Time Span of 10 years.  

iii) In case of any Riots/killing of minorities, India is Free to break the Treaty and will NOT handover Indian Kashmir to Pakistan. So, peaceful Hindu/Sikh-Muslim exchange must be done.

iv) Both Governments will arrange Trains, Buses & Flight facilities to the people getting exchanged. 

v) Pakistan Military will take Hindus/Sikhs Families to Wagah Border in their Security. Similarly, Indian Military will take Muslim Families to Wajah Border in their Security.

vi) There will be UN delegation and human rights watch together with delegation of Ministers of both countries watching this exchange going into other country.

vii) Pakistan will pay fare of all Indian Muslims travelling from India to Pakistan & India will pay fare of all Pakistani Hindus/Sikhs travelling to India.

viii) Citizenship of all Muslims staying in India will be Cancelled & they are presumed to be staying on Permanent Visa without Voting Rights. 

Similarly, Citizenship of all Hindus/Sikhs staying in Pakistan will be Cancelled & they presumed to be staying on Permanent Visa without Voting Rights.

ix) Also, these Visa residents will NOT get any Government job.

Their situation will be like Indians/Palikstanis staying in Gulf Countries on Visa.

x) Muslims can acquire Indian citizenship only if they Convert to any Kafir religion (Hinduism/Sikhism/Buddhism/Jainism).

 Similarly, Hindus/Sikh can get Pakistani Citizenship only if they accept Islam.

xi) There shall be No Exchange of Christians, because Muslims consider Christians as People of book, so Pakistan is supposed to take charge of Pakistani Christians. Similarly, Indians do not have any problem with Indian Christians, as India Born Religions (Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism) are Broad minded.

xii) European countries and America can intervene in case of ill-treatment with Christians in Pakistan.

xiii) If any Muslim is married with a Hindu, in that case as well, Muslim will NOT be get Indian citizenship, he/she has to stay on Permanent Visa. 

Their children have will get Indian citizenship only if they accept any Kafir Religion, else they too will have tp stay on Visa lifetime without voting rights.

Similarly, Hindus/Sikhs can't give Votes in Pakistani elections and will Never get Citizenship. 

If any Hindu/Sikh is married to a Muslim, then that Hindu/Sikh will stay in Pakistan on Visa, and their children have to follow Islam to get Pakistani citizenship, else they will stay on Visa lifetime without voting rights.

xiv) After 10 years of population exchange, India will hand-over Kashmir area to Pakistan. After that India will declared as a  Kafir Nation with equal rights to all Kafirs (Non-Muslims). 

xv) Jammu, Ladakh and Amarnath area will stay in India. & Pakistan has to give an Affidavit that it will Never Support any Separatist Group in India. Same, will be applicable with India.


a) India will finally get 2nd Freedom - 2nd Azaadi - From 800 years old Islamic Imperialism.

b) Terror Attacks will Stop in India as there will be No Dawood No Chota Shakeel like people in India.

c) Hindus can construct Ram Mandir & can occupy full Krishna Janmbhoomi.

d) India & Pakistan will become friends.

e) Trade and tourism will boost between India and Pakistan.

Monday 10 April 2017

Why Nathuram killed Gandhi ?

After 1947 Partition India was supposed to get 300 Crore from Pakistan and Pakistan was supposed to get 75 crores from India. 

All things/commodities were divided in 80:20 ratio between India and Pakistan. But, few things were there which can’t be divided.
So, in lieu of taking those things one country has to give Price of that thing to the other country. In that respect Single-Single drops make Ocean. So, Pakistan was to give 300 Crore and India was to give 75 crore.
So, the real debt was on Pakistan which it agreed to pay in 3 installments.

But, since Pakistan was also poor nation and required money so Gandhi asked Nehru to give India 's part of debt to Pakistan i.e. 75 crore and Pakistan will give 300 crores later on to India.
Nehru gave first installment of 20 crore, but Pakistan used that money in Kashmir war of 1947. So, Nehru refused to pay further.

Gandhi was crook. He said," we must to our task honestly give rest 55 crores and our brother Pakistan’s heart may change & will give 300 crore to us when his condition will get normalized".
So, Gandhi did fast in undue favour of Pakistan so that Nehru would be forced to pay 55 crores to Pakistan. 

Nathuram Godse had seen Poor people dying in hunger. Government was NOT able to feed millions of Indians.  So, he thought if Nehru will give 55 crore on insist of Gandhi then Millions will die. So, he decided to kill one man to SAVE lives of Millions. 

Also, he believed Gandhi to be responsible for the death of millions in Partition as Gandhi did nothing to stop partition and surrendered to Jinnah. So, he thought till the time this man is alive India will never progress & people will keep dying because of him, so he killed Gandhi. He said all this in a statement in court.

Judge Khosla who presided over the trial mentioned before awarding the death sentence, "If the people sitting in the court had been on the jury, they would have acquitted Nathuram. Nehru Govt hided Nathuram’s full statement as secret document citing that it will create law and order problem.

Gandhi preached Non-Violence but his Killer got Violent Death Sentence!! 

Nathuram Godse's Last Wish was that his Ashes to be immersed in the Indus River of a re-United India. So, his family has preserved his ashes for that day!

Thursday 18 February 2016

Change History Books! Aryan Theory Fake! Manu Smriti Fake! Real meaning of "Varna" found! Plaque in Oxford found! 12K yrs old Dwarka discovered! We all are Indians! End fake casteism!

Our Indian Historians just copy pasted the FAKE HISTORY taught to them BRITISHERS whose want to see a DIVIDED INDIA else they (just 80 K) soldiers couldn't have ruled over 400 million Indians. So, they created FALSE CASTEISM & FAKE ARYAN INVASION THEORY to divide Indians.
Read the TRUE HISTORY of INDIA with PROOFS .. I will write more subsequents blogs to give several other proofs. But for now, read this.
Do you know? Bhavishya Puran mentions verses about  Jesus Christ , Prophet Muhammad PBUH , Queen Victoria!!!

It is one of the Books which Britishers edited.

Another Book which was edited was ManuSmriti

I did research in History & facts got revealed to me, which I want every Indian must know.


1) William Jones et al officers of British India Company edited Ancient Indian Sanskrit Texts

2) ManuSmriti [the book because of which Casteism started] was translated by William Jones.

He edited Sanskrit verses of  ManuSmriti, madee a copy of it in English & circulated it & projected it as real ManuSmriti.

3) There was NO CASTEISM in India before Britishers. He preached casteism to Indians.

 4)  Our Civilization is Oldest Civilization of World

.5) Indus Valley Civilization & Vedic Civilization same (proof is in this blog)

 6) Dravid & Aryans are same Race 

 7) Our Original Sanskrit Manuscripts are in Europeon libraries. & There was ORAL tradition of passing of Knowledge in India & NO book can exist for  long. Scholars have told 1000 verses out of about 2000 verses of ManuSmriti are NOT AUTHENTIC.

 [Image: Acknowledge Google Search]

Above Plaque in Oxford Chapel has been found by Rajiv Malhotra Sir.

This exposes the truth Sir William Jones changed our ancient Manu Smriti & other Sanskrit texts.

In Pic: Sir William Jones on chair with Brahmins seating on floor of Oxford. It is said, that he compelled Indian Pandits to make changes in Manu Smriti & Vedas. Later on he published translation of Manu Smriti with his name. East India Company had forced 18 Brahmins to go to Oxford with Sir William Jones.

Above Shocking photo got from Oxford Library. Photography is not permitted there, yet an Indian clicked the image from Oxford University library.

Also, they carried all 5 lakh original Sanskrit books to England secretly. There they asked Pandits to write new Manu Smriti in Sanskrit with changes they told, later on they circulated fake Sanskrit books in India & made Indian Brahmins to believe its real Manu Smriti.

William Jones is regarded for his work on Manu Smriti.

William Jones changed Manu Smriti & forced Indians to follow it.
It's written in Sanskrit old texts that "if you have find any unethical thing in any Sanskrit book, stop following it, & refer Vedas & follow Vedas."

Manu Smriti was not followed by Hindus until East India Company made it compulsory.

There was no casteism in India till 1750 AD.

No Chinese traveller have ever written about any exploitation in India on basis of caste.

Caste word derives from Portugese word "Casta".. 

When Britishers told Indians that from now they will get job on the basis on their caste, then several Indians even didn't know which caste they belong!!!

Britisher told them "You are Shudras, You are Vaisha etc".. There were 1000s of tribes living in jungles, Britishers caste system was not fitting to this. So they proposed fake Aryan Invasion Theory & told you people are tribals & Aryans attacked you, so that to justify their British rule on India.

Casteism was introduced by East India Company in India..

Because just 2 lakhs Britishers were ruling over India &  titles like (Jats, Ahirs, Yadavs etc used to revolt against them from time to time).  So, they used to fear that these 8 crores Indians will kill us if they stay united & if they changed their Varna (profession) to Khashtriya (army class)

Similarly Caste based theory was implemented in South Americas by Europeans to divide them & rule over them.

Varna has 3 meanings - color, alphabet, to select... William Jones took wrong meaning as color to proliferate his divide & rule policy.

Varna means "to select" .. e.g. "Sita ne Ram ka varan ki swayambar mein" means Sita selected Ram (his his husband) in marriage.

In Guru Granth Sahib as well word "Varan" is used for "Varna" ..

There was an oral tradition of learning in India & when new edited books came to India, then Brahmins & everyone thought it to be true & hence caste system came in India.. So East India Company is the real culprit.

Sanskrit Books were written on trees leaves. So, how can an original manuscript survive for 2000 years!!.. In real oral tradition of passing knowledge exists, which was halted by edited books of English so call scholars!!

Read about Hunter Commision which came India during British Rule
As per recommendation of Hunter Commission, 
1) Certain Castes were declared as CRIMINAL by birth (castes who frequently revolted against Britishers) & they were debarred from their lands & were used a Slaves.
Most of the castes which are now known as SC (Scheduled Castes) were debarred from their land & property by Britishers. Before that they were RICH as Warren Hasting has written in his account that there was GOLD in each & every Indian houses when Britishers came to India!!!!
2) Change of Varna (profession) was stopped by Brtishers as they feared that all castes may adopt KHASTRIYA VARNA & could do fight with Britishers. e.g. Before Mughals times YADAV caste was Kshatriya (warrior by professor), but when they were declared as CRIMINAL CASTE by Britishers they adopted the profession of selling of milk for their livelihood as they can't joined the Army..
3) Sabari was a ST whose tongue licked fruits were eated by Lord Ram.. Was their Casteism in India?
4) Ved Vyas (SC), Valmiki (ST), Baba Ramdev (OBC), Vishwamitra (Kshatriya) can attain Brahmin-hood,, It means people can change their VARNA (profession)
5) In Indonesia, there is an Island BALI, where people can CHANGE their VARNA. There a person can become Brahmin by passing a Sanskrit Exam.!!!!

6) Suppose there is Doctor whose sons starts using intial surnme as "DR" as their father is Doctor, is that be right? .. But Britishers made it a trend that nobody can change the profession & have to use the Surname of his father!!!.

After 1800 AD, few Brahmins started doing wrong deeds against Harijans, because British East India Company encouraged them to do so. East India Company might have given bribe to promote casteism in India. It was just done under "Divide & Rule Policy". Also it was done to increase Christian Conversions by making Harijans think that they are downtrodden under Hindu religion. This epidemic later on spread all over India & led to caste-based hatred.
So, it's the time to end Casteism from India. Because Casteism is dividing India & politicians are playing vote bank politics.

2) Discovery of 12,000 years old Dwarka City in 2001 A.D watch

[Image: Acknowledge Google Search]


Indian Civilization world's oldest civilization

Aryan Invasion Theory wrong!!

All Indians belong to same race!!

There are no races Aryans or Dravidians!!!

These terms were framed just to divide us. Fake Aryan Invasion Theory was profounded to justify the rule of English on Indians.

[Image: Acknowledge Google Search]
Submerged city of Dwarka have been discovered by Scientists in year 2001 AD.. & Scientists told this submerged Dwarka is at least 12,000 years old. So, it proves Vedic civilazation is world's ancient civilization..

[Image: Acknowledge Google Search]

Shiva Linga, Swastika etc are discovered in Indus Valley Civilization & historians confirmed that it the same Vedic Civilization.

This Shiva Linga is found at Harrapa

[Image: Acknowledge Google Search]

This Swastika was discovered in Indus Valley Civilization By Britishers. This is now kept in British Museum.

So, it is proved all Indians are Aryans!!

Tamils & Tribals are also Aryans.

Europeans are not Aryans, they just learned language when Indian merchants travelled to Sumeria & Greece.. Greeks learned language (Sanskrit) & Maths from us.

[Image: Acknowledge Google Search]

Germany’s Adolf Hitler used it to advocate his concept of the supremacy of the ‘Aryan’ race and the inferiority of non-Aryans.

Few realise how divisive and dangerous AIT is and how this idea played a catalytic role in the rise of racial exclusiveness among Europeans, especially the British and Germans.

Until AIT arrived on the scene, nations did not look at themselves as belonging to one race or the other. Muller’s notion changed all that. Ultimately, Germany’s Adolf Hitler used it to advocate his concept of the supremacy of the ‘Aryan’ race and the inferiority of non-Aryans. Over 50 million people died in World War II and six million Jews were sent to the gas chambers – needless deaths that can be traced directly to Britain’s racial policies in India.

Caution: Aryan Invasion Theory resulted in World War II . So, we must wipe this theory out of History books else it will divide India

Aryan Invasion Theory was created for one singular purpose – to facilitate the British conquest of India. If Indians were made to believe that they and the British belonged to the same ‘Aryan’ stock, then they would welcome the 'civilising' British instead of opposing them.

Read the book below of another Researcher Stephan Knapp

[Image: Acknowledge Google Search] 

Dravidians were early offshoots of the Vedic people through the seer Agastya, and not un-Aryan peoples. In closing, it is important to examine the social and political implications of the Aryan invasion idea:

First, it served to divide India into a northern Aryan and southern Dravidian culture which were made hostile to each other. This kept the Hindus divided and is still a source of social tension.

Second, it gave the British an excuse in their conquest of India. They could claim to be doing only what the Aryan ancestors of the Hindus had previously done millennia ago.

Third, it served to make Vedic culture later than and possibly derived from Middle Eastern cultures. With the proximity and relationship of the latter with the Bible and Christianity, this kept the Hindu religion as a sidelight to the development of religion and civilization to the West.

Fourth, it allowed the sciences of India to be given a Greek basis, as any Vedic basis was largely disqualified by the primitive nature of the Vedic culture.

The colonialists had realised there was no way they could conquer such a massive country of warlike people without conquering their minds. First, the British sent in shiploads of fundamentalist and racist missionaries, who had been arguing for decades to be allowed to “save the heathen Hindus”. However, they could not make any headway as Indians stubbornly refused to be “saved”.

That is when the British commissioned an ambitious – and unscrupulous – German scholar to come up with the most outrageous lies about Hindu religion. Max Muller in fact exceeded their expectations – he developed Aryan Invasion Theory

“We British European are Aryans, and far more pure and genuine Aryans than the Hindus, and no talk of the Hindus can alter our race, or make us any less or any different from what we are,” said A.C.L Carlleyle, a 19thcentury employee of the Archaeological Survey of India. “It is the Hindus who have altered and deteriorated, and not we. The Hindus have become the coffee dregs, while we have remained the cream of the Aryan race. The Hindus are like the monkey who pretend (sic) to treat some men with contempt because they had the bare white skins without any fur! The Hindus have become a sooty, dingy-coloured earthen pot, by rubbing against black aborigines rather too freely; and he consequently pretends to despise the white porcelain bowl.”

AIT has, of course, created a deep rift in Indian society – not only among scholars but also between people. When Indians kicked out the British in 1947, they unwisely retained the school curriculum of the colonialists.

Now the entire Aryan vs Dravidian idea revolves around skin colour. The people of northern India are light skinned and are in many instances white; they are supposedly the Aryans. On the other hand, the people of India below the Tropic of Cancer – or more specifically the south and east – have comparatively darker and sometimes black skin; they are presumably the Dravidians.

The problem, however, is that there are millions of dark people in the north and there are similar multitudes of light skinned or white skinned Indians in Dravidian areas. In fact, green and brown eyed people are not uncommon in southern India. Bear in mind that despite 190 years of British rule, the Europeans could not make a splash in India’s gene pool.

Unlikely cousins:  Ezhava and Jat Sikh

The latest one is from Kerala, which is my home state on India’s south-western coast. According to the study, two entirely different castes – Ezhava, also known as Thiyya in northern Kerala, and Jat Sikh of Punjab – show remarkable genetic similarity..

Why then colour difference among Indians?

It's just because of climate. Kashmiris have white color because they are living in cold climate & Tamils have dark cause they are under tropical climate.

Like these days, Biharis are living in Mumbai & Punjab for sake of their job. Similarly ancient South Indians settled in Magadh & Awadh etc for their job.

That's the reason we see both dark & light skin people in Central India.

But Human Genome Project carried out by USA scientists has revealed all Indians & all Pakistanis have similar DNA.

Then what happened to Turks & Persians who came to India?

99% Turks & Persians ( who were basically Kings & Army-men) were killed in wars with East India Company.

[Image: Acknowledge Google Search]

So, 99.5% persons Pakistanis & Indians are children of Indian Hindu Ancestors. Only 0.5% are mix product of Indians & turks.

So, like & share this report & ask Indian Government to change History Books after discovery of submerged Dwarka City.

Force Indian Government to change History Books.

It's because current contents of history books are lie & they are spreads venom in mind of public leading to anti-Brahmin & anti-India mentalities. There was no casteism in India before East India company.

3) Shocking Relevation:  500 thousands of  Sanskrit manuscripts are there in libraries of Europe since 19th century.

The intellectual and religious traditions of South Asia as seen through the Sanskrit manuscript collections of the University Library, Cambridge

[Image: Acknowledge Google Search]

[Image: Acknowledge Google Search]

Europeans take ideas from them to write their Novels, philosophical books, & to derive Science & Maths logics.

We must force Indian government to get our 5 Lakh original sanskrit texts back from Europe.

Lets all Indians read Sanskrit & ask Government to bring our original Sanskrit books from Europe.


The Manu Smriti was one of the first Sanskrit texts studied by the British. It was first translated into English by the founder of indology, Sir William Jones. His version was published in 1794 AD.

British administrative requirements encouraged their interest in the Dharmashastras, which they believed to be legal codes.

In fact, these were not codes of law but norms related to social obligations and ritual requirements. According to Avari:

"The text was never universally followed or acclaimed by the vast majority of Indians in their history; it came to the world's attention through a late eighteenth-century "

Translation by Sir William Jones, who mistakenly exaggerated both its antiquity and its importance. Today many of its ideas are popularized as the golden norm of classical Hindu law by Hindu universalists. They are, however, anathema to modern thinkers and particularly feminists."

Scholars, have counted a total of 2,685 verses, found that only 1,214 are authentic, the other 1,471 being interpolations on the text. In reply to the criticism of the sudra caste, the verses critical of the sudras and women are considered to be later interpolations. The law in Manu Smriti also appears to be overtly positive towards the brahmin (priest) caste in terms of concessions made in fines and punishments.

The stance of the Manu Smriti about women has also been debated. While certain verses such as (III - 55, 56, 57, 59, 62) glorify the position of women, other verses (IX - 3, 17) seem to attack the position and freedom women have. The education of women is also discussed in the text. Certain interpretations of Verse (IX - 18) claim that it discourages women from reading Vedic scriptures. Verse (II - 240), however, allows women to read Vedic scriptures. Similar contradictory phrases are encountered in relation to child marriage in verses (IX - 94) and (IX - 90)

Caste System will be covered in details in Next Blog!!

Thanks for Reading!! Join #AzaadIndiaMovement